About A Bed Every Night

Nobody should have to sleep rough in Greater Manchester.

A Bed Every Night provides a comfy bed, warm welcome, and personal support for anyone sleeping on the streets of our city-region who cannot access other accommodation.

The scheme is part of an innovative and holistic approach to end the need for rough sleeping. It brings together a range of organisations, working together in a joined-up way, including the GMCA and the Mayor, 10 local authorities, GM Health and Social Care Partnership, Greater Manchester and other Criminal Justice Agencies and the Homelessness Action Network, to make sure the individual needs of people who are homeless are being met. It’s one of a number of options available to people experiencing or at risk of sleeping rough.

Since it began, A Bed Every Night has evolved and improved into provision for everyone who needs it, no matter the weather.

The people of Greater Manchester, along with our sports stars, high-profile musicians, businesses, charities, public sector, faith and community groups have all come together in a massive collective show of support.

Please show your support

A Bed Every Night is made possible by a number of charities, voluntary groups, and public services working together, and they all need your support. . Street Support works online and offline, connecting and supporting local people and organisations to end homelessness. Visit their website to find an organisation near you that needs your support.

Working together to change lives

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