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The Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity is an independent charity supported by our Mayor, with the aim of making a positive difference to major social issues we face, including rough sleeping.



Offer your skills, talents and resources to local charities and other organisations. Visit the Street Support website to register as a volunteer and find out how you can make a difference in your area.

Give items

Donate clothes

Clothes, hot drink supplies, IT equipment – charities supporting  people sleeping rough on the streets need all sorts of items. If you have spare items that may be of use, speak to your local charity.

If you’re sleeping rough on the streets, or worried about someone else who is, help is available from Street Link.

Please show your support

A Bed Every Night is made possible by a number of charities, voluntary groups, and public services working together, and they all need your support. Street Support works online and offline, connecting and supporting local people and organisations to end homelessness. Visit their website to find an organisation near you that needs your support.

Working together to change lives

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