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You may have questions about homelessness, rough sleeping and A Bed Every Night – hopefully the answers on this page will help.

Is this just for people from Greater Manchester?

Yes it is and our aim is to have provision in place to ensure no-one has to sleep rough. However, we do know there are people from outside our city-region who also need help. We won’t turn them away in an immediate emergency, but later will help them to reconnect with their local community.

Are A Bed Every Night provisions for anyone who's sleeping rough?

Yes. There is provision for men, women, couples, and people with dogs. There is provision for those who have complex or multiple needs and may require a higher level of support. We are also able to accommodate destitute migrants.

What's the difference between homelessness and rough sleeping?

The term ‘rough sleeping’ is used when someone is sleeping outdoors, often on the streets, or inside, for example, in a derelict building or car park. Homelessness refers to anyone who is living without safe or settled accommodation, and includes the experience of rough sleeping.

Are people who are begging also rough sleeping?

Sometimes but not always. Some people who ask for money on the streets do have a home or accommodation. Others do not have a home to go to. If you are concerned about someone asking for money on the street you can contact the police. GMP and partners take a stepped approach which always includes the offer of support, recognising that people are vulnerable but also that any criminal behaviour will be dealt with appropriately.

Should I give money or food to people who are begging or on the streets?

We want to help people get off the streets, and the best way to do this is to donate, volunteer or fundraise which will have long-lasting effects and provide ongoing support.

If you are concerned about someone asking for money on the street you can contact the police.

Please show your support

A Bed Every Night is made possible by a number of charities, voluntary groups, and public services working together, and they all need your support. . Street Support works online and offline, connecting and supporting local people and organisations to end homelessness. Visit their website to find an organisation near you that needs your support.

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