Real stories

Working together to change the lives of rough sleepers in Greater Manchester

A Bed Every Night is making a real difference to rough sleepers across Greater Manchester.

Shelters provide a warm bed and personal support for anyone who needs it. Hear from some of the shelters and organisations working together to change lives, and from some of the individuals receiving their support.

Almost 2000 people have now been helped.

Blade’s story

Blade was on the street for much of 2018. Through the ‘A Bed Every Night’ initiative he is now in his own home, in a safe and supportive environment and looking forward to the future.

Watch the video below to hear his story.

Michal’s story

Michal was living on the streets before he got help from the SIB, which helps the most entrenched rough sleepers access accommodation and ongoing support.

Watch the video below to find out from Michal the difference it’s made:

Anthony’s story

Anthony was living in a tent and thought he was going to die some nights. He would wake up and be unable to walk because of the cold. He’s now received help through the Social Impact Bond (SIB), has a place of his own and is positive about his future again.

Watch the video below to hear Anthony’s story in his own words.

Behind the scenes of a night shelter

Follow Gary and his colleague Carrie as they show you around an A Bed Every Night shelter in north Manchester. A Bed Every Night is supporting people sleeping rough across Greater Manchester.

Please show your support

A Bed Every Night is made possible by a number of charities, voluntary groups, and public services working together, and they all need your support. . Street Support works online and offline, connecting and supporting local people and organisations to end homelessness. Visit their website to find an organisation near you that needs your support.

Working together to change lives

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